Our new partnership: Disadvantaged youth & the potential of construction

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At Masco Group, we have always believed in the power and responsibility of business. Through the economic value that the businesses create, they stand in a unique position to be able to support worthwhile social causes and the NGO / not-for-profit organisations that often spearhead responses to crises in our community.

Over the course of our organisation’s history, we have seen firsthand the power of social partnerships and their transformative value up close.

Through our partnerships with organisations such as Brothers in Need and Swim Brothers, we’ve seen fledgling and nascent initiatives blossom into successful NFPs that generate incredible social value and make a difference to the lives of hundreds of people.

As a construction organisation, we believe in the power of our sector in being able to make huge difference to people’s lives. When you are in the game of bricks, mortar, cement, and literally physical structures that result from them, you are in a uniquely privileged position to make a difference to those people who will never see these things come together in the form of a “home” that they can find comfort in, or a “roof over their heads” that can protect them.  Things we take so much for granted.

One of the causes that we have been most passionate about historically is that of homelessness, and especially youth homelessness.

Despite Australia being an advanced and developed economy, it is almost beyond belief that the level of youth homelessness still exists in this country. It should give us collective pause that we have been able to counter challenges such as COVID-19 in a short space of time but not the equally insidious problem of youth homelessness.

Far too many young people in Australia are still homeless and unable to sleep comfortably in a home at night with a secure and safe space.


A new partnership with the Property Industry Foundation (PIF)

As we sought to understand how we can make a difference in this area, we spoke to various NFPs to determine where our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and efforts could best be directed.

After various conversations, the Property Industry Foundation (PIF) is an organisation that we are proud to announce our newest partnership with. PIF is an incredible organisation that is doing extraordinary work in our community.

It is an organisation that brings together the potential of the construction sector to create homes for young people who otherwise would be left without them. PIF pulls together funding and the pro bono efforts of the construction sector to build homes that are populated by young people who have no place to call home.

Every year, PIF opens several houses which then becomes the homes of young people who have been affected by problems as diverse as domestic violence, homelessness, who are orphans, or may otherwise be estranged from their families.

Over the course of its operations to date, PIF has created more than 100 rooms worth of homes which young people now call home.


The latest PIF launch in November 2021

On the 26th of November 2021, I was fortunate enough to attend the newest home launched by PIF.

Built in Sydney’s inner-west, the home was made possible by the generous contributions by various construction sector organisations including ADCO Constructions and a long list of supportive contractors and sub-contractors.

The launch saw company executives and project managers from all these various organisations come together to celebrate the opening up of the home which will house 5 young people from severely disadvantaged and underprivileged backgrounds.

It was a humbling experience to be in the presence of other people who are using their skills, talents, and resources to make life easier for some of the most disadvantaged youth in our society.

Homes like the ones whose opening I attended do not just benefit the youth who inhabit them in the here and now. Over the course of their lives, hundreds if not thousands of young people will pass through these homes, sometimes living for years on end until they are able to stand up on their own two feet, gain education, and employment and be able to move out.

PIF is doing extraordinary work in this regard and it gives me great pleasure to share that we will be partnering with PIF as a corporate sponsor going forward. In the longer term we hope to contribute to PIF’s incredible efforts at creating sustainable, high quality accommodation to give young people who don’t have great opportunities the chance to turn their lives around.

We would like to congratulate PIF on their brilliant work and to all the organisations who supported the launch. Included in this event note are some pictures of the day which capture the essence of the wonderful morning.



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